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The 5.2 hectares that make up Central Barangaroo will unite cultural and community events with shopping, leisure and tourism activities.  This exciting combination of diverse activities will create an atmosphere of creativity and joy that will make Central Barangaroo the cultural center of Sydney Harbour.

Barangaroo Central is being developed into an attraction that will be known worldwide and loved by the people of Sydney.   Skidmore Owings Merrill, the architectural firm that has planned the layout of Central Barangaroo, intends for the area to be a green, lush area that allows for visitors to enjoy the harbour and keeps over 50% of the development as a park and leisure area for the public.

Included in the park area will be the Sydney Steps which will connect Central Barangaroo to the Central Business District.  This will be the area where outdoorsmen can wander over to a store and become a shopper while an avid shopper can take a few steps and enjoy the natural beauty of the Harbour.  In addition, there will be a site set up to accommodate the arts.  Music and theatre productions, art walks, crafts and a wide assortment of cultural activities will be celebrated in Central Barangaroo.

The Central Waterfront Promenade will be a prominent feature as well.  Scheduled to be completed in mid-2015, the Promenade will be open to the public before the rest of the Barangaroo Central development. Lined on three sides with a gorgeous tree line and on one side with the water’s edge of the Harbour itself, the Central Waterfront Promenade will be for the visitor who loves the many charms of Sydney Harbour. This promenade will cover the entire length of the development and will furnish cyclists and pedestrians alike with paths that skirt the water’s edge.  There will also be drop-off points for anyone who wishes to take their small boat out into the Harbour.

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In addition to providing a beautiful space for leisure, athletics and the arts, Central Barangaroo will also be environmentally friendly.  Preserving the park’s natural beauty by being carbon neutral, engaging in water preservation and providing trash and recycling receptacles throughout the area will be a guiding principle of Central Barangaroo.

Located between the primary commercial district and the primary area for outdoor recreation, Barangaroo Central is a fantastic mix of both.  With its scenic overview of Sydney Harbour, its tree lined walkways, the cultural center that will host innumerable future events and the proximity to a host of retail stores in the CBD, this area will be the last portion of the massive Barangaroo Development Project to be fully completed.  But the ambition to transform this area into a globally recognized and respected center for commerce, culture and leisure is inspiring.  Truly, sometime the best is left for last.


Photosource: Turf Design, Barangaroo Central –

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