Barangaroo Parking

Barangaroopointreserve3In August of 2015, Barangaroo Point Reserve will be opened to the public, completing a metamorphosis of an old shipping container yard into a sprawling harbour park. Tourists and Sydney locals alike will marvel at the change.

Barangaroo Point Reserve will be divided into three distinct areas: Headland Park, Barangaroo Central and Barangaroo South. Each area will be a tribute to the History and natural beauty of the region.

Providing a stunning view of Sydney Harbour, the brand new six-hectare park will provide visitors with a wide assortment of choices for entertainment. This includes the Foreshore Promenade, a walkway that runs from Headland Park to Barangaroo Central. A community centre for recreation and cultural celebrations will also be a prominent feature of the park. And for the outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Barangaroo Point Reserve will provide paths for cycling, hiking tours, scenic overlooks and a spectacular area featuring tidal rock pools that were made from 6,500 Hawkesbury sandstone blocks indigenous to the area. The layout of the sandstones reflect the shore line of the historic Miller’s Point Headland district prior to 1836 and serve as a magnificent contrast to the stunning business district of Sydney.

Designed by Johnson Pilton Walker with Peter Walker and Partners Landscape Architecture, Barangaroo Point Reserve will pay homage to the Gadigal people who originally lived in the Sydney Cove area by featuring elements of the natural bush as it was in their day. Inspired by, among other things, the original maps and early 19th Century paintings of the area, the design team strove to reimagine the historic layout of the area in a way that would complement modern day Sydney. Native trees and other foliage such as the Banksias and the Moreton Bay fig trees have been planted by the thousands throughout the parkland to celebrate the natural history of the area. In Headland Park, the foliage forms a canopy layer up to 20 meters high that adds an otherworldly feel to the natural beauty of the area. And the lush greenery serves as a beautiful juxtaposition to the sandstone blocks of the tidal rock pools.


Photosource: Barangaroo Point forming September 2014 – Hamilton Lund

The naturalistic intent of the design will be complimented by practicality and ease of access. Barangaroo Point Reserve’s cultural centre will be enormous and geared toward the interests of naturalists, history buffs, athletes and casual tourists alike. The site will feature an underground parking facility that can accommodate up to three hundred vehicles.

The audacity and sheer scope of this project must have been intimidating when the project began, but after years of effort and planning the Barangaroo Point Reserve will soon be completed. The vision of a park that reflects the history, the natural beauty and the spirit of the region will be a reality. And a region that has been closed off for over one hundred years will at last be transformed into a beautiful park that will stun and amaze its visitors.

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