Barangaroo Medical Services

Barangaroo South-duskBarangaroo South will be the new urban and financial heartbeat of Sydney Harbour. Occupying 7.5 hectares, this district will serve the economic, dining, shopping, leisure and residential needs of thousands of Australians and visitors every day. Bookended by a landmark Sydney hotel and the three massive spires of the ITT (International Towers Sydney), Barangaroo South will retain over half of its space for the public to enjoy outdoor recreation. With its countless transportation connections to downtown Sydney, Barangaroo South will augment the CBD with a green architectural design and a dynamic spirit that will amaze and delight the 18 million visitors that are expected each year.

ITS (International Tower Sydney)

The three towers of ITS, referred to as International Tower 1, 2 and 3, are to be built in descending sizes with the first tower, IT1, being the largest at 49 stories high.  These massive buildings will augment the city’s reputation as an International hub for business.  The design of the buildings is geared towards sustainability, connectivity and productivity.

The highly lauded architectural team of Lord Richard Rogers and Ivan Harbour have gauged ITS against commercial constructs throughout New York, London and the finer parts of Asia and have submitted a plan for a commercial center that will be the envy of them all.  ITS will be a highly valued piece of business real estate with companies from all over the world vying for a chance to set up shop in one of the three towers.

International_Towers_Sydney-Barangaroo SouthIn addition to its prime location adjacent to the CBD of Sydney and its soon to be iconic status in the world of business, ITS is also designed to maximize the output of everyone who comes to work in its towers.  The physical health and morale of all those who will work at ITS has been taken into consideration and plans to optimize sunlight, fresh air and the panoramic sights of the harbour are part of the towers’ design.   These are time tested methods of improving company morale and increasing productivity.

Barangaroo South is poised to become the economic center of Sydney.  With the promise of commercial investments, tourism, retail profits, and international trade that will be drawn to Sydney Harbour by Barangaroo South’s development, the positive financial impact on the entire city will be nothing short of astonishing.

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