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Located in the heart of the world’s most cherished harbour, the residential apartments of One Sydney Harbour, Anadara and Alexander offer everything from majestic penthouse suites to opulent apartments with a panoramic view of Sydney.

One Sydney Harbour

residentialOne Sydney Harbour will soon stand proudly as one of the most elite apartment complexes on the planet. Comprised of three high-rise towers that gently reflect the sunlight as they reach for the sky, One Sydney Harbour will be an exclusive piece of real estate that adds luxury to the Sydney skyline.

One Sydney Harbour is being designed by the architectural team of Renzo Piano who’s landmark achievements include the New York Times Building and the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre among many others.  Renzo Piano seeks to inspire awe in everyone who peers upward while walking the Sydney Harbour neighborhoods.

One Sydney Harbour will be a stunning yet unobtrusive addition to the Sydney skyline.  An instantly iconic building that will compliment and contribute to one of the world’s most magnificent panoramic views.

Anadara and Alexander Residences

Also on the agenda in the Barangaroo South district are the intensely anticipated Anadara and Alexander residences. All 159 residences in these two buildings sold out within three and a half hours when they were offered to the public in 2013. Their prime location on the edge of the Harbour as well as on the edge of the CBD made these homes highly coveted. Both buildings will be built on the promenade and will feature single, double or three bedroom apartments.

The eleven story tall Anadara building will feature hand-crafted, cloud shaped kitchen benches, marble and mosaic tiles in the bathroom, and terraces that offer a breath taking view of Sydney Harbour.  Created by architect Richard Francis-Jones, the Anadara apartments are going to be some of the most envied residences in the world. 

Anadara and Alexander Residences

The Alexander is another hotly sought after property.  Designed by architect Andrew Andersons, the 9 story building will reflect its Harbourside location. The 77 homes that will comprise the building will feature smooth interiors that utilize the raw materials of the old dockyards that it is being built on top of.   The natural beauty of the surrounding land will be echoed by the Alexander framing its borders with the green foliage of its rooftop gardens and with balconies that are beautifully entwined with bougainvillea creepers.  And on the exterior of the building, the outer edges will seem to merge with the harbour’s shoreline. And incredibly, five of the apartments on the upper floors are two stories high and are graced with front lawns.


Photosource: Barangaroo South, Lend Lease –


Photosource: Barangaroo South, Lend Lease –

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