Barangaroo Coves

Dotting the landscape of Barangaroo are a stunning assortment of natural coves.  From the small headland cove that barely brushes the water’s edge at the northern end of the site to the southern cove just above Napoleon Street, these beautiful recesses in the lush greenery of the Barangaroo District provide a quiet space for visitors to soak in nature, escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in peace.

The one feature in Barangaroo that was completely provided by nature, these coves have been kept sheltered from the main walkways and commercial centers to provide the perfect getaway for nature lovers and people who are in need of reflection and serenity.

The names of the most three most prominent coves were chosen by public vote and reflect the history of the Aboriginal people and tradesmen who for centuries have lived and worked on the shores and waves of Sydney Harbour.

Nawi Cove

nawiThe largest of the coves, Nawi Cove borders Hickson Road and Barangaroo Central.  Its name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “canoe”.  Its location is perfectly suited for those who wish to enjoy the delights of the Harbour waters.

Dukes Pier, a 50 metre long pier held up by stone piles that are spaced apart so that water can flow underneath, protrudes from Nawi Cove into the Harbour.  A hardwood timber pathway leads along the edge of the cove to Duke’s Pier.

Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to use Duke’s Pier to pursue their passions while the nature lovers who come to Nawi Cove can stroll the length of the timber pathway and soak in the sights and sounds of the Harbour.  Duke’s Pier frames Nawi Cove beautifully and sparks further excitement for the area’s rich maritime history.

Watermans Cove

The name for this southern Barangaroo cove honours the sailors, or watermen, who once made their living in Sydney Harbour, in the 1800’s, transporting passengers from the shoreline to other boats waiting in the distance.

This cove is near the intersection of Watermans Quay and Barangaroo Avenue.  Being this close to a residential area makes the seclusion of Watermans Cove seem almost miraculous.  Visitors will be amazed at the serene atmosphere of an area that is so close to the intrusive noise of city life.

watermans cove

Marrinawi Cove

This cove derives its name for the ancient Aboriginal word for to describe the hulking vessels of the fleet and it literally means “big canoe”.  Marrinawi Cove, situated near Moores Wharf, lies in the northern portion of Barangaroo Point near Towns Place.

As with the other coves dotting the Barangaroo District, Marrinawi Cove is a small but foliage rich area that will attract anyone looking to get back to nature.  It is a much needed natural attraction that will contrast nicely with the massive man-made towers and shops that border it.

The coves at Barangaroo are the subtlest features in the entire area.  Meant to give visitors a break from city life, these coves also bring peace of mind and serenity to anyone lucky enough to stroll through them.

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