Barangaroo Walks

The walkways that line the geography of Barangaroo will connect the CBD with the Barangaroo District and will provide visitors to the development with opportunities to engage in a multitude of activities.  From cycling and hiking to shopping and dining, the walkways of Barangaroo will be an essential feature of the area.

The walkways are designed to each be a unique experience for visitors.  Each walkway will have its own personality and topography.  Residents, tourists and employees of the area will all get to discover the walkways and enjoy the many delights available at each one.

Below is just a sampling of the many walkways that will grace the Barangaroo District:

Wynyard Walk

Wynyard_Walk1Providing a connection between the western section of the CBD and the sights of Barangaroo, Wynyard Walk will see pedestrians at the Wynyard Station to arrive at the Harbourfront in just under six minutes.

Incorporating a tunnels, a bridge, lifts and escalators to ease visitors along their journey into Barangaroo, Wynyard Walk will be the starting point for many of the Sydneysiders who visit the site.

Barangaroo’s Headland Park

A recreation of native bushland, Barangaroo’s Headland Park will feature a walkway with over 75,000 native plants arranged in a garden path that culminates in Stargazer Lawn, a grassy area that meets the edge of the foreshore.

Foreshore Walk

The Foreshore Walk has been partially open to the public for 6 years now.  Although certain parts will continue to be closed through many months of 2015, the 2 kilometer walk will be fully opened before the end of the year.

The walk forms a 14 kilometer path from the Anzac Bridge to Woolloomooloo.  Sandstone blocks, in the hundreds, dot the walkway that leads to the Harbour.  The layout of the blocks and the look of the foreshore was modeled on the headland that originally stood here.  The blocks were quarried, shaped and positioned using materials that were already present at the old dock yard that once graced this location.

Central Barangaroo Promenade

The Central Barangaroo Promenade is a 300 metre walkway, running the length of Barangaroo Central, that links Barangaroo South with Hedland Park.  This serves as a connection between Barangaroo and the western tip of the CBD.  Among its many features will be a tree-lined path made from sandstone that leads to the Harbour’s edge and allows for access to water taxis. Granting paths to cyclists and pedestrians alike, this walkway will provide a link between the shopping district and the residential areas of Barangaroo.

Wulumay Walk

A foot traffic thoroughfare that connects Towns Place to the foreshore, this walkway derives its name from the Aboriginal language.  Honoring Sydney’s history and providing a vital link between the CBD and the Harbour. 

Shipwright Walk

Named for the ship builders who dominated this area in the 1800’s, Shipwright Walk will provide a pedestrian path in that cuts across the southernmost portion of Barangaroo.

Merchant Walk

An east-west walkway that also runs through the southern end of Barangaroo, this walkway is named after the commercial centres that dominated this area for the last two centuries.

Girra Girra Steps

A series of carefully sculpted steps located at Barangaroo Point, this walkway derives its colourful name from the Aboriginal phrase meaning seagull.

Burrawang Steps

Lined with Burrawangs, the native plants with a stunning longevity that border the area, the Burrawang Steps will be another stunning walkway that graces the Barangaroo Point Reserve.

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